Othernet: A Financial Network
Othernet: A Financial Network
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Network Information System (NIS)

Let Us Help You

   Welcome to the Othernet Financial Network. We are excited to have you here today, and hope you find this site easy to navigate.

   If at any time you have questions or concerns about this site please address them to the appropriate link on the Contact Us page.

   Our network is comprised of several different servers, and automated processes that together offer our users a stable and reliable network for their trading needs.

Customer Service

   Welcome to the Othernet Network Services page. Here you will find more information on the services that we provide each and every user.

   If at any time you have questions or concerns about this section please address them to the appropriate link on the Contact Us page.

   Our network boasts the usage of the first P10 compatable Channel, Operator, Nick services available on the net. However, we do not release our current services publicly.

   If you are looking to download the bots that are available, please click on the IRCore link to your right. Any other sites hosting, saying they're hosting the original files, are not hosting the versions we supply. Use those sites at your own risk.

Services Links

Channel Services Information Services
Nick Services Operator Services
Web Services

Our Users
Our Users

   At Othernet, our Users are our most important resource. Most users will agree that we provide professional, efficient, and excellent service to everyone. However, we like any organization, have our own faults.

   The Othernet Network staff is constantly working to improve our services, servers, and the interaction between our users and the operations staff. Othernet prides itself on adapting to the needs of the users as quickly as possible.

   Our network relies on our users being happy. And to be a successful network we must try our best to continue providing the services our users want.

   If you have any comments, or would like to see new things added to our network, please feel free to contact us via the links provided on the Contact Us page.

   Again, thank you for choosing Othernet.

Users Links

Members Area Message Board
Network News Policies and Documents
SEC Links

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Othernet News

CTCP Responses are Required

Othernet has implemented a policy that requires all users to respond to CTCP events. For more information see our Headline News Section.

NickServ (NS) Kills More Frequent

Othernet has implemented a secondary policy that coincides with our No Lurking Policy. We no longer allow the usage of certain nicks, and/or characters in user nicks. At this time, if you are continuously getting disconnected (killed) for using an illegal nick, you must change the nick you use in your irc client.

You may do so by typing /nick yournewnick in your irc client.

Want the latest scoop on Othernet news? Then visit the Othernet News Page by clicking here.

If you are looking for the IRCore services for your network. These include CS and UWorld, you will need to go to click here.

Your Comments
That's right! We want your comments and suggestions. To submit your comments and read those of others click here.
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